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YouTube sees over 2 billion users monthly, ensuring your YouTube ad reaches the world’s biggest audience of free and subscriber video. All sectors can be found advertising here, including B2C, B2B or eCommerce businesses. 


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Advertising to The YouTube Generation

it’s an undeniable fact that since YouTube burst onto our screens in that early internet boom, for over a decade, it’s fair to say that watching YouTube videos has for many, replaced many aspects of watching traditional, broadcast TV, particularly amongst those who have grown up with PC, smartphone or other digital device. Today, we can catch our favourite YouTube content, not only on our computers or smart T.V.’s at home, but more importantly for advertisers, wherever we are, on our mobile devices. 

Video audiences go on YouTube for a variety of reasons; its ubiquity means that we may even arrive there, by way of links from our favourite websites.  This dominant video channel has everything.  We go there for entertainment, to catch an old TV show, catch our favourite celebrity, to follow experts and learn new skills about our hobbies, to learn more about the world and, yes, even to actively learn more about a product, via reviews.  This behemoth has something for everyone – that is, particularly in the West, the exception being would-be viewers in dictatorships, where YouTube content will be restricted.

Despite those sometimes, slightly irksome ads for viewers, YouTube owners, Google, know that interruption-based advertising is not enough of an irritation to put viewers off and that quite the contrary, their advertising generates revenues for those posting YouTube ads..   We even just take a moment to stretch and yawn, or half-tune out when ads show up on YouTube, when we users await watching something else. 

Nevertheless, Google knows that even if viewers of YouTube marketing might not have any active intent to purchase a product that shows up in the ads, or that we never anticipate signing up for a solution from a business that caught our eye whilst busy focussing elsewhere, those moments of showing up have a real world impact.  YouTube Ads drive huge revenues for successful video advertisers.  We all like to think that we are not susceptible to such distraction, but familiarity, as we have said before, breeds intent!

Getting your message and imagery across impactfully in seconds is the name of the game and there is no getting away from the reality that smart marketers can put your brand foremost in the minds of YouTube viewers when they put in the research and preparation.

Whether you’re a business to consumer (B2C), or a business to business (B2B) brand, you can benefit from the power of advertising on the phenomena that is the YouTube video empire.

YouTube Ads

To maximise your YouTube campaigns, our inter-disciplinary team supports your YouTube advertising by implementing complementary strategies for all of your channels, targeting every stage of your customer journeys. Ask us about our free audit to integrate your online presence more effectively.

Audience Targeting

Successful impact of your YouTube ads depends upon understanding your existing versus your ideal audiences.  Your overall objectives inform your video creation.  Whether you need audience expansion, awareness, or upsells via retargeting, we review your existing channels, competitors, keywords and more to create relevant, compelling video.

Content creation is only half of the formula for YouTube success.  We take the time to fully understand your brand, your existing customer data and market intel, then collaborate closely with your team to design attention-grabbing campaigns that can be deployed flexibly to optimise results.  

Data Driven

Reaching target audiences and maximising conversion is part art, part science.  Understanding engagement habits of your existing audiences, compared against competition activity is key to identifying opportunities with your ad.

Maximise Returns

Our YouTube team use proven, automated lead generation formulae and split-testing to ensure that your ads are watched by your ideal customers, minimising CPL and CPA and maximising returns.

Advertising Ubiquity

Online videos now make up over 82% of all consumer internet traffic. It is the world’s regular go-to indulgence and content shared with friends.  Tap into this huge market that YouTube offers, leveraging Alphabet’s tools.  


YouTube Ads Management Agency AdsRunner

Experience In Video​

YouTube has a broad user base, offering value for many businesses, particularly where visual impact and story-telling advertising is possible. An increasingly socially aware user base is broadening options for B2C and B2B services.

Allow us to demonstrate AdsRunner’s YouTube Ad campaign creation expertise.  We collaborate openly with your teams to create the perfect YouTube ads for your audiences and make your investment pay off.

YouTube Ads Management Agency AdsRunner

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Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube Advertising

Well duh! 

O.K., at the risk of preaching to the converted, let’s catch up with just how much of a mega media our favourite video channel has become…

Statista’s latest figures put YouTube’s active user numbers at nearly 2.3 Billion and counting.   It ranks second only to Facebook in this.  Remember, however, we are nut just talking numbers, mighty impressive though they are, we are also talking quality here… Get the format right, optimising for video and transitioning a crazy cat video addict to pet insurance, home comfort products, or anything else off the wall could be just a whisker away.

You might not be surprised that YouTube is second only to Google as the most visited social media website in the world; the two are, after all, members of the same Alphabet dynasty.  When YoutTube users are tuned into their number one video platform, on average, according to Statista, they will spend over 29 minutes per visit and many of these viewers will tune in more than once a day.  More surprising, perhaps is that this video content site is also the second largest search engine in the world behind Google.  No doubt, they want things to stay that way and there’s a good chance it will, because video is simply irresistible to we picture-story lovers.

According to Google’s own marketing research, paid YouTube mobile advertising is 84% more likely to receive viewers’ attention than TV advertising.  This is an astonishing revelation. It has only taken a generation for the transition from T.V. advertising domination to be superseded by on-demand viewing, paid for by advertisers.

Think With Google claims that 4 out of 5 You Tube viewers  say that they typically switch between online search and video when researching products to buy.  This is a growing trend, because wanting to see how things look and work gets us closer to that touch and see experience of traditional high-street shopping.  It also saves time of going out to find that latest want to try it out before having more confidence that time spent in-store will be a valuable use of our time. 

Checking out products and services on YouTube is a growing trend, as younger generations grow up with virtual shopping habits. Over 90% of people surveyed by Google around the world, say they discover new brands or products on YouTube. It isn’t just all about funny antics of goats, toddlers and grandma at a party; it’s a highly-valued research resource for consumers.

So what about the return on advertising investment needed for advertisers?  Just remember, that paid ads on YouTube mobile are 84% more likely to get attention than ads on television.  Commuters often do their research as consumers when on the move, because it’s something that can be done quickly, to while away the time and get that parcel delivery sorted in time for when they get home, or within days.  Those buys that brighten the more boring parts of the day bring willing audiences to virtual shop windows at peak viewing times every day.

With such attractive numbers businesses simply cannot afford to ignore their endless advertising opportunities offered here.  YouTube provides businesses a fantastic opportunity for those who want to get their products out there to receptive audiences.  YouTube itself is a trusted product, which lends leverage to advertisers who use their platform for reaching more people, or enticing existing customers back in.

Google offers several campaign goals to grow sales, generate more leads, boost your website traffic, promote product or brand consideration, and increase brand awareness and reach. Depending on your chosen campaign goal, you’ll have the option to choose from the following YouTube Ad types available.

Skippable In-Stream YouTube Ads

Video adverts that you can skip, are described as TrueView and are one of the commonest types deployed by video marketers.  You can see this type of advert playing before, during or after a video.  What distinguishes them on YouTube is that the viewer may choose to skip it after it has run for five seconds.

These skippable video ads allow you to promote your own video content around other YouTube content chosen by the user, as well as across websites and apps hosted by Google’s extensive array of video partners, making their potential reach enormous. 

Skippable ‘TrueView’ options for shopping campaigns connect captive video viewers directly to your products with an immediacy that allows you to encourage customers to move closer to making a purchase with you in a seamless and complementary format.

Non-Skippable In-Stream You Tube Ads

In-stream YouTube ads that cannot be skipped last for up to 15 seconds. These also play before, during, or after videos selected by the YouTube viewer.  According to guidance, these unskippable YouTube ads arising in streaming other content are an advertiser’s best  option for driving brand awareness and extending your reach to more consumers.

In-feed Ads on YouTube

In-feed YouTube video ads are also described as ‘Video Discovery Ads’.  They promote your video ads in other places on the YouTube platform, where they can be discovered during the course of a browsers viewing time.  They may appear adjacent to related YouTube videos for relevancy, as the YouTube user searches on YouTube’s search engine.  They can be seen on YouTube’s homepage too.

YouTube’s ‘in-feed video ads’ allow you to deploy any marketing objective your team can devise.  Given the popularity of their video format, they are invaluable  for increasing the receptivity of your viewer to consider your offer and for driving online sales or leads that can make this investment pay for itself over and over.

YouTube’s Bumper Ads

These ads run for up to six seconds and as per the instream ads above, play before, during, or after a video actively selected by the YouTube user.  They offer somewhat of a scatter-gun approach, reaching a wide array of cold leads, as well as warm ones.  Their concise, memorable marketing message is akin to those short and sweet stickers seen on car bumpers, which may be why they are called ‘Bumper’ ads.  They are cost-effective and efficient for expanding brand awareness and reach.

YouTube’s Outstream Ads

This YouTube video ad option solely appear via smart-phones. They appear purely on websites and apps run by Google video partners. Choose YouTube’s outstream ads for cost-effectively expanding reach of your video ads to the massive mobile viewership.

Masthead Ads

Masthead ads play automatically without any audio,  for up to half a minute.  They appear at the top of a YouTube viewer’s Home feed.  What is particular about this placement is that advertisers have to work with a Google sales representative  to arrange deployment.

To navigate your way into YouTube’s advertising channels, check out their guidance on YouTube video ad formats.

Given the huge audience on YouTube, you cannot expect to simply go out there and advertise to all the two billion users on the platform.  You’d have no business left if you tried! Instead, you have to get strategic and look at those options that have the best chance of being shown to your target audience. A lack of forethought and planning will exhaust your marketing budget in no time, without much return whatsoever. Remember, leads are your business life blood.

What follows then, are some of the available targeting options you can use in your YouTube Ads campaigns to help you make the best use of a limited budget.  Think about what your priorities are in any particular campaign.  If you want to run a range of campaigns, then it might be worth getting a spreadsheet started as you go through your options, scoring each priority to help you weigh your decisions with some degree of objectivity.

Location Targeting. Similar to Google Ads campaigns, you can choose to target all or selected countries, territories, states, cities,  neighbourhoods, or even a zip / post code area. Ideally, you want to narrow targeted locations down to where you provide services, or where you think your potential customers will convert the most, then build out from here.

Demographic Targeting. You can choose different sectors of societies to communicate with, according to categories, such as:  gender, age groups, household income, or other groupings. For Instance, if you are a premium beauty brand and your main customers are women over 30 years old, these are a receptive audience, so it’s more cost-effective to target them,  rather every other age group.

Device Targeting. Choose where your ads show up in terms of digital devices your audience is likely to be viewing on, be this: desktop, mobiles, tablets or their TVs. For example, if you have a tight budget and expect your customers to convert immediately after seeing your ads, you might want to exclude ads from showing on T.V., where audiences are unlikely to respond immediately.  Your preferred devices depend highly on the circumstances of the campaign.

Ad Schedule. Choose when you’re ads will best be running, from a specific day, or days of the week; you can even set specified hours during which your ads will be displayed to your customers.  You can of course leave this option aside for your ads to run continuously too. If you choose the latter option, you might begin to see patterns of responses, for instance around commute times, weekends, or evenings.

Audience Segments. You can choose from Google’s Affinity and In-market audiences to reach users based on their interests, habits, life events and purchase habits. You can also target your customers based on their search activity, what they have looked for, what apps they downloaded, or websites they visited. Another option is to create your custom audiences, to target your website or app visitors, or perhaps to target your existing customers, based on your CRM data. Using Custom audiences is a great way for remarketing to your previously engaged audience, who generally are easier to convert, as already warmed to you.

Exclude Content Types. You can exclude your content from showing on embedded YouTube videos outside the YouTube’s website, or live streaming ads.

Exclude Content Labels. You can opt out from showing your ads associated with content that may not be suitable for your brand or business.  Context in which your products or brand is seen can be important.  For instance, younger target audiences would not be appropriate where, for instance, they are delivered on adult content sites.  Think about where your ads may show up and if those backdrops will harm your campaign or reputation.

Topic Exclusion. Another great way to control where your ads will show up is to use ‘Topic Exclusions For example, you might decide that you do not want to advertise on channels related to News or Science, as you may find the mood of your audience unsuitable for your entertainment products or fun services, or vice versa.   Ad context counts towards conversions.

Every YouTube advertiser needs to get to grips quickly with bidding strategies for video ads on this most attention grabbing of marketing channels.  Costs can escalate quickly without effective and extensive pre-planning.  Your YouTube Bid strategy will depend on a variety of variables such as your chosen campaign goals.  

YouTube’s Titan sister, Google, has created four key video ad bidding strategies to meet your specific campaign requirements. 

Our first two explanations of their bidding strategies cover campaigns directed at driving sales, generating new leads, enticing website traffic, plus, of course, maximising conversions into specified goals.   They also focus the advertiser’s mind on appropriate audience targeting in order to minimise the cost of each new customer acquisition.

Google’s other two strategies are designed with maximising reach and awareness-raising from your budget, while also hitting your target bids. 

Maximising Conversions. This ‘Maximise Conversions’ bidding strategy allows you to allocate Google with a daily advertising budget to work within; the purpose here is to help you to get as many conversions for your budget as possible, thereby maximising your ROI.

Target CPA. ‘Target Cost Per Action’ basically equates to Target Cost Per Conversion. This strategy involves setting an explicit target for Google, specifying your maximum spend in order to achieve a conversion.

Maximum CPV.  “Cost Per View” This option is to set the maximum amount of money that you want to pay per view. Google will not go over your preferred price you’re bidding, i.e. this is the highest price you are prepared to go to. So, let’s say you choose to bid a maximum of $0.10 per view, all of the views are going to cost $0.10 or less.

Target CPM. Target CPM is a target cost per one thousand impressions or ‘show ups’. The ‘M’ comes from the Latin word “mille”, which means 1,000, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you will get a million chances with your audience; sadly not, this option is for your ‘cost per thousand’. This is the bid strategy is associated with your “brand awareness and reach” goals.

YouTube Ads Management Agency AdsRunner

Full-Funnel YouTube Advertising

AdsRunner’s goal with YouTube advertising is to reduce marketing costs, while boosting online visibility and conversion rates.  Whether clients require stand-alone projects, or marketing integration, as one of London’s leading YouTube advertising agencies, with over ten years’ experience in digital advertising, we understand the importance of excellence in video ad campaign creations.

Our YouTube team use proven, automated lead generation formulae and split-testing to ensure that your ads are watched by your ideal customers, minimising CPL and CPA and maximising returns.

YouTube Ads Management Agency AdsRunner

Our YouTube Ads Management Agency Services

Whether you’re a business to consumer (B2C), or a business to business (B2B) brand, you can benefit from tapping into this vast reservoir of receptive customers profitably, when YouTube’s ads are used effectively to maximise profits in the shortest time span.

When learning the ropes of advertising on YouTube, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with weighing up all your priorities against budget management considerations.  This is where outsourcing advertising can help you develop the right YouTube marketing strategy quickly and cost-effectively.   Then you can build effective ad campaigns based on tested and proven methods to learn and profit from…. 

Let’s face it, the faster you get returns, the faster you can reinvest part of your revenues back into building out campaigns and scale your business.

YouTube can help you get your brand and marketing messages before your audience’s eyes enticingly to build awareness, drive traffic and leads. Video ads will be a great addition to your existing or planned sales channels,  complementing them with simultaneous campaigns that build impact in a magnitude of ways.

We can help you target and reach your audience more easily, create brand awareness among your target audience, generate unbelievable numbers of leads for your business, or drive sales through punchy campaigns that boost the kind of advertising revenue that makes your marketing investment cost neutral, so you can plough profits right back into building your business.

Contact AdsRunner and let our YouTube ads experts look with you at how we could help you launch your campaigns from a strong start, so your business get more customers and return on ad spend on YouTube faster….

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Let us take the heavy lifting, working alongside your teams to empower them to harness the best that digital marketing can offer.