Why You Should Be Advertising on Pinterest

Social media users of the Pinterest platform are searching for ideas and inspiration visually.   It’s a media mix of attractive imagery to scan through by topic, or to delve into videos.  Pinterest users can click through directly to websites for further information or elect to go shopping by browsing images or promotional videos. 

It’s immediate in its impact and for the visually creative marketer what could be a better place to offer audiences some helpful, attractive prompts early on in their shopping journey?

In fact, with well over 97% of queries being unbranded, which means users do not search for a particular brand in their search queries, it means the majority of users are seeking new ideas and are open to suggestions that entice them visually.

This random browsing is particularly applicable when it comes to content categories such as: home décor, food, and fashion; these are the top categories among ‘Pinners’.  As might be expected, interest in these categories is much higher among women.  However, men take the lead when it comes to seeking content on: fitness, travel, and family inspiration. The age demographic leads towards Gen Z and Millenials, but this platform also has its older fans, who might have been scrap-bookers in their youth.

Pinterest users are visually shopping with a very open mind, but there seems to be an aspirational bent to content, making it the perfect showcase for selling your products and to make a good first time impression if you are looking to establish your brand profile.

According to the 2021 GWI report: “Around 4 in 10 Pinterest users log onto the site to research brands and products, making discovery a lot more likely. What’s more, the majority seek purchase and life – style inspiration, which has been in high demand during the pandemic. This makes it an ideal spot for brands hoping to bolster their online sales.”

In terms of how the platform compares to Instagram, scrolling through content to find items of interest takes time.  Pinterest is more akin to intentionally falling down self-selected rabbit holes.  Because the user chooses their own path through content more actively, they can be browsing their favourite topics for longer.

Numbers Behind the Pinterest Image Heavy Attractions

People on Pinterest love to shop, discover products they love and curate their own collections of favourite items into categories defined by them.  This means it is also easier for Pinterest users to refind objects they have squirrelled away earlier.  They’re looking for brands they can offer exactly what they want and with whom they are also likely to stick with.  According to Pinterest’s own research, 64% of fans say it’s where they go to find a product or service they can trust. Furthermore, among those surveyed, weekly Pinners are 7x more likely to say that Pinterest had the biggest influence in terms of their eventual purchasing decisions.

These figures are just a snapshot of why adding Pinterest to your marketing strategy could introduce your business, products, and services to a large, discerning potential customer base, who are actively looking for either their next purchase, or planning towards larger purchases in the future.

In fact, 85% of weekly Pinners have bought something because of Pins from brands, says Pinterest’s business section research. So not only is this platform aspirational, it appears that Pinners also have the disposable income to afford those products that catch their eye.

As one of the most popular social media sites in the world, Pinterest currently has 478 million monthly active users. According to Pinterest‘s 2021 statistics.  While that might seem like a small proportion of online social media users, those numbers might represent a more affluent market segment, therefore representing a key demographic for your business to attract.

Bear in mind too, that most purchasing decisions are made by women, even if men tend to have more disposable income from salaries statistically.  Women generally enjoy shopping, a fact borne out on Pinterest.  Specifically, six out of every ten Pinterest users worldwide are female. (This statistic originally was reported by Pinterest, in 2020).  Women aged 25-34 represent 30.4% of Pinterest’s ad audience, possibly representing that busy browser, probably looking to spend her wages on her dream items and looking to make a statement with her personal look, wedding, or home.

How to Advertise on Pinterest For Maximum Impact

Summary of Your First Steps To Make a Splash on Pinterest:

  1. Sign up for a Pinterest business account
  2. Install the Pinterest Tag on your website by following Pinterest’s guide
  3. Choose your campaign goal, i.e.: building awareness, drive traffic to your website or app, or get conversions (whether these be purchases, newsletter sign ups, sales leads, or something else)
  4. Set your campaign budget, by choosing from either a ‘daily’ or ‘lifetime’ budget. Simply it’s where you set how much you wish to spend on the campaign.
  5. Create an ‘Ad Group’ to help you manage different goals as part of a single campaign.  You can break a campaign down by, for instance, targeting specific audiences within one campaign
  6. Choose your target audience; you can target based on segmenting ad’s according to: gender, ages, location, language, or whatever your priorities are at any given time
  7. Select Ad placement. You can either opt to go with ‘Browse’; this option goes well with interest targeting or go with ‘Search’ which is more suitable for keyword targeting.  You can also stick with the default option which uses both placements at the same time.
  8. At the stage of adding Interests and keywords, you get to choose to target specific interest groups, i.e. those audiences that are related to your niche.  You can also target specific keywords and split test to see which attract larger numbers of viewers
  9. Setting your optimisation and delivery settings requires careful consideration too. Here, you can select a conversion event, (such as WatchVideo, Lead or Checkout).  You can opt for ‘Automatic Bidding’, to get maximum clicks or conversions, based on Pinterest’s data evidence on audiences, or set your maximum bid for a click or conversion
  10. Finally you can select and upload your Ads. At this stage, you can choose from the following options:
  • Promoted Pins involve an attractive image for products you want to promote actively
  • Promoted Carousels allow up to 5 images for Pinner swipes
  • Promoted Video Pins: as suggested, a Video, of ideally no longer than a minute
  • Promoted App Pins allow users to download your app directly
  • Shoppable pins direct users to your product landing page on your website
  • Buyable Pins allow users to buy your product on Pinterest without leaving the platform


Our Pinterest Ads Management Services

Pinterest advertising is not necessarily the ideal advertising platform for every business.  However, if you are a retail brand and are looking for a new sales channel to build awareness for your products and generate more revenue sales, Pinterest’s immediacy and array of selling options might just offer the boost your business  needs.

If you are new to Pinterest advertising, AdsRunner’s marketing team can help you get started.  We will work with you closely, to make sure your promotions on this fun platform sits perfectly within your wider marketing funnel.  If you have been using Pinterest advertising already, but not realising the results you had hoped for, our Pinterest experts can help you optimise your advertising campaigns giving you that much needed push to improve your return on ad spend (ROAS).

AdsRunner get from speaking to clients that the early days of setting up your Pinterest marketing strategy, it can be somewhat confusing. You may seem to have apparently conflicting priorities, are afraid of running over budget, want to get straight into testing campaigns, but simply neither have the in-house expertise, or budgets are tight and a concern.  When getting started in any social media marketing, outsourcing can be the most economical decision you make so your team can focus on other aspects of operating your business. 

Contact an AdsRunner Pinterest expert now to discuss how we can help you get off to a strong start with your Pinterest campaign and start getting returns faster, without jeopardising your marketing budget.