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Microsoft Advertising – formerly Bing Ads – has huge and unique potential for those business advertisers understanding the mechanics.  Key here is working with a Microsoft Advertising partner. Microsoft advertising offers visibility across Microsoft Edge, Yahoo and Xbox platforms, where Bing’s search engine operates. 

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Exceed Your Objectives With Microsoft Bing Advertising

Microsoft advertising, formerly known as ‘Bing Ads’, is a paid advertising platform offering of Pay-Per-Click ads (or ‘ ‘PPC’). Next to Google advertising, many think it is the ‘poor relation’, that doesn’t get enough traffic. Not so…Despite Microsoft ads attracting a smaller audience compared to Google, you can still reach hundreds of millions of  potential customers, who don’t rely on Google for their daily information and product searches.  In fact, there are many ‘independent’ types who don’t want to hand all of the control over to ‘big brother’.

Although Bing only has 2.86% of the worlds search engine market share, which seems like a small percentage when you compare it to Google, in real terms, Bing still benefits from 1.08 Billion unique monthly visitors and 12 Billion monthly searches globally.  This is colossal and also a best kept secret in the marketing agency world.

Microsoft claim that 500,000 advertisers post ads to Bing. Half a million advertisers sounds like a lot and it shows a massive vote of confidence in the Microsoft Advertising platform.  Nevertheless, this may well be a fraction of the tens of millions of advertisers that use Google Ads, but it is not only still massive global reach, but for PPC marketing managers it is a gift, because this also means there’s much less competition on Bing’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s).

Bing’s comparatively lower traffic and user-base means it may not be considered as the leading sales channel for driving traffic, leads and sales to your business, but this is a wonderfully affordable advertising strategy.  Its lower saturation with ads trying to out-compete each other, means its higher chances of exposure can often be leveraged to stand out among your competition.  Also, Bing ads  drive high quality traffic. Ads on Bing benefit from higher click-through-rate (CTR) and most notably, a 30% lower cost-per-click (CPC) compared to Google ads. This is a boon to your marketing capacity.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising offers a range of features to grow your business online through Bing Ads on search engine pages, via digital devices and other channels, including: Yahoo, NBC, MTV, WSJ, AOL and of course, Bing. As your Microsoft Advertising Partner, we beta test new features to harness Microsoft innovations, so our clients to compete more strongly online.  


Your marketing set-up underpins everything in your campaign structure and management.  With all of your channels audited and gaps identified in your own and competitor advertising by Bing specialists, we help you consistently integrate best practices, building in-house expertise to deliver sustainable Microsoft Ad campaign success.

Audience Targeting

Bespoke audience targeting across Bing ads allows advertisers to reach specific audience categories not available elsewhere. Ask us how this can complement and add value to integrated ad campaigns across channels. Get in touch today to find out how Microsoft advertising could work for you.

High Visibility

Bing’s search engine displays text adverts in its right-hand column and at the bottom of the page.  With its network of partners and presence in western markets, Microsoft Advertising offers strong choices for businesses seeking to increase online markets and discover new audiences.


Online advertising demands on-going review and optimisation processes.  By constantly monitoring your performance against your market conditions, evolving data continually informs improvements and timely pivots, so your success is assured. We always explore new opportunities for growth, stronger profits and how our business development supports yours.

Real-Time Reporting

Your success and that of our marketing team are inter-dependent, which engenders better collaboration and trust. We see ourselves as partners, giving access to real-time data to your dashboard, as if we’re in-house. With regular strategy calls, metrics reports and shared tools, our marketing collaboration ensures clarity.


Exceed Objectives and Expectations

Whatever your business goals are, we take time to understand your targets, your existing customer and product data and competitor activity online to identify who your next ideal customer base is. Our big picture approach builds strategies that build your business resilience and competitiveness.

Despite Bing’s huge user-base, click-through from targeted customers and conversions (CPA) cost much less than Google.  Microsoft Ads is the affordable alternative for display advertisers who still demand excellent ROAS results.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Advertising

If you are planning to drive additional sales to your eCommerce store, Bing shopping ads could be a great sales addition to your omni-channel sales funnel.

Bing shopping ads largely work the same as Google Shopping ads , allowing you to showcase your products in impactful ways, with ads that include product images, prices, reviews and your brand’s name.

Shopping ads, in particular, allow you to stand out in the noisy crowd to grab increased market share.  Your marketing team can more easily entice your potential customers closer to making a purchase decision, before they even click on your products, when you choose to showcase your promoted products against relevant search queries.

Expanding your reach is an on-going drive for businesses to maintain market share and build against a backdrop of squeezed profit margins and expanding R&D budgets, which puts pressure on marketing budgets.  

Microsoft Display Advertising offers businesses various channels to advertise, including household brands, such as: ‘Xbox’, ‘MSN’, ‘Windows OS’, ‘Microsoft Edge’ and ‘Outlook’. 

MSN, powered by Microsoft News alone attracts half a Billion monthly users;

Outlook reaches a further 225 million monthly unique visitors.  It’s not difficult then to see how you can connect with a diverse and engaged audience of 63 million new users of Xbox alone every month.  If you want even more reasons to give Bing serious consideration, don’t just take our word for it, display advertising is a huge part of Microsoft revenues.

Every business is different and perhaps the nature of your business or a limited budget may mean that you might not want to prioritise Bing Ads for prospecting new customers. However, Microsoft Ads can complement your wider marketing funnel, building on advertising to your existing audiences and customers in new ways.

It may be that a significant portion for your targeted audience is using one or more of Microsoft’s massive platforms. So, if you want to meet your buyers where they are, why miss those various opportunities to catch them where they are at home to serve the same kinds of needs your audiences have.

Of course there are alternative paid search advertising options to going one route or the other; Bing and Google Ads campaigns can combine powerfully when run simultaneously and costs need not be prohibitive.   Together, both channels can amplify your message to more diverse audiences, with Bing Ads picking up the slack and allowing you to reach further for comparatively less.


Holistic Digital Services

Microsoft Ads is mostly only one digital marketing tactic. Prioritising your business and customer experience, we constantly take an overview to your spending priorities throughout your multi-channel marketing. 

Microsoft advertising is a perfect choice for ecommerce businesses, or brands benefitting from visual imagery, including lifestyle services and B2B companies. Taking a holistic approach, we provide recommendations on all your online assets, shifting as you evolve.



Our Microsoft Bing Ads Management Agency Services

The array of Microsoft based ad opportunities can seem bewildering and unfamiliar, but for all the reasons above are well worth the effort in terms of returns on ad spend.  We get that you might want to hit the ground running, be set up and ready to roll.  Outsourcing your PPC campaigns can help you identify if Bing Ads are suitable for your business niche and marketing goals now and in the future. 

We will undertake a review of where you are now in terms of your online presence to devise the most impactful campaign structure for your budget now, with a view to how future expansion can help you scale your online presence.  Talk to one of our team members about how we could execute your Microsoft advertising campaigns, to make sure your ad campaigns sit perfectly within your omni-channel, digital marketing strategy.

Whether you aim to drive more traffic to your business, capture more leads, or drive sales to your e-commerce store, let us help you get set up with the minimum of fuss and fast.  Trust AdsRunner’s team of experts to turn around your advertising efforts if you have been struggling to get hoped for returns, or build out your existing marketing campaigns, so each of your campaigns amplifies the next.  

How Can We Help?

Let us take the heavy lifting, working alongside your teams to empower them to harness the best that digital marketing can offer.