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Detailed and meaningful analysis of your data is essential to effectively plan your ad investment and maximise profits.  AdsRunner’s expert analytics consultancy and services offer the insight and intel your business needs to continually improve performance.

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Welcome To A Data World Dominated By Google Analytics​

As you expand on your digital marketing investment and scale your business, your sales channels and marketing platforms rise in numbers and sophistication.  With that enhanced web promotional capacity, so too your store’s traffic gains momentum, pushing up your revenue curve.

However, none of your store’s visitors take a linear journey towards their ultimate conversion. Every customer takes various routes through your marketing funnel, according to a plethora of unconscionable variables.  Your customers learn about you on a social media channel, for instance, then they see you a few days later on another social media platform; they search for your offerings on Google, then maybe hours or even days later, they directly visit your website to make that planned purchase.  Of course, perhaps this is overly simplified; these journeys might be a lot longer for some customers and brands, or even for higher ticket items, where sales cycles are longer.

Understanding your customer’s journeys, behaviours, demographics and where your traffic leaks away from you to your competitors can be invaluable for your business.  Knowing where to plug losses in your marketing funnels not only help you save lots of money, but active management also helps you launch well targeted marketing campaigns and focus on investing in those that bring the most return on investment in the shortest time possible.

To understand your most lucrative campaigns and form a clear picture of your online business performance, it’s important to collect comprehensive and meaningful data on every juncture and touchpoint.  As important to, is not just collect, but collate and report in a variety of formats to your teams that are useful to them, so that your staff gain sufficient insights on the particularities of your traffic and customer journeys.  From here, it is then the job of management to carefully interpret and incorporate your findings into improving your online presence, your offline service and plan your future marketing campaigns around where on and offline customer touch points meet each other.

Google Analytics can be the perfect tool and intel companion for your data gathering and analysis journey. It is a market leader in helping your marketing specialists to collect all the necessary data your business needs to serve customers better.  Varied formats and selections of data help you visualise impacts of efforts and comprehend them in tangible terms and even real time.  

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the world’s leading Analytics platforms, We believe that having complete access to your data ensures your confidence of moving in the right direction for your evolving business needs. 

Google Data Layer support allows you to push additional metadata through to Google Tag Manager.  You benefit from more granular insights to track the various journeys your customers take through your marketing funnel.


Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows marketers to make changes in their analytics techniques without knowing anything about coding.  Ask us about how to make harnessing your analytics more flexible and user-friendly.

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Ecommerce and Lead Tracking

Get clearer insights into online shopper behaviours. For full-funnel overview, through to granular customer pathway data, we help establish key benchmarking and customer touch point insights so you understand landing page activities, how to optimise conversion rates and ensure cohesiveness of marketing assets to maximise sales.

AdsRunner specialist consultancy ensures you get the most from your marketing data analysis.

ADSRUNNER Data Analytics Google

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Frequently Asked Questions About Google Analytics

This analytics feature provides a live report, that gives you instant insights into what’s happening on your site at this very moment. You will see how many people are visiting your site, which pages are attracting the most visits, how long stay on those pages and their traffic sources.  This helps you understand which sources of leads are potentially the most beneficial, whether it’s social media ads that brought them into your site, a search ad, or somewhere else.

Google Analytics gives you powerful and valuable insights into your audiences.  It groups buyers, such as by their gender and age group, their language and geographical presence, their browser and device types they use, their interests and even their behaviours.

You can then carefully work through this invaluable data to identify your converting audience, based on all the numerous metrics, then incorporate your findings into your future marketing campaigns, creating more powerful campaigns and better returns. This time spent in analysis and improving marketing strategies will, in turn, save you so much in wasted marketing budget by not going after the non-converting audiences and incrementally improving on those campaigns offering good results. 

You can analyse your traffic based on their source or medium. This enables you to measure your traffic performance and conversion rates on all marketing channels across your marketing funnels and find out which audiences prefer particular routes into your funnels. Google Analytics categorises traffic into the following eight default marketing channels:

  1. Paid Search. Traffic coming from clicking on a paid search ad on a search engine
  2. Organic Search. Traffic coming from clicking on a non-paid search engine result
  3. Social. Traffic coming from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  4. Direct. Traffic from when someone types in your website URL directly
  5. Email. The traffic coming from clicking on a link in an email 
  6. Referral. Traffic that is diverted from another website, via a link
  7. Display. Traffic generated from display network ads
  8. Other. Traffic coming from a user-defined medium, or one that is not set out above

You can analyse your website performance by analysing the site’s contents, searches performed to find you, and as importantly, measuring your average page load times for each page or URL, i.e. technical performance issues.  Through looking into the variables offered, you can identify your low performing pages, compare their performance to your overall site’s speed,  improve on their loading speed, structure and content. Remember, for every second of delay in loading your landing page, your conversions can fall by up to 20%, so the technical architecture of your site matters as much as ease of movement throughout and attractiveness of content. 

Google analytics lets you set up and define goals for your marketing campaigns. by simply specifying your ultimate conversion goal, or an associated URL.  The purpose could be subscribing to your newsletter, form submission, or a purchase. Then you can reverse the goal path to see the last three pages users visited to complete that goal or use ‘Goal Flow’ to visualise all the sessions and steps that led to completing your pre-determined goal.

’Funnel visualisation’ is a very useful tool, as it allows you to break down your funnel into hierarchical steps or flows, such as: visiting a homepage, or product page, adding a product to your visitor’s basket, initiating the check-out by adding your customer’s details, selecting a shipping method, adding payment details and making the purchase. This way, you can see what percentage of users drop-off at each stage of the sales process and work on those areas to improve conversion rates. 


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

With fuller insight into your customers’ actions and motivations  come opportunities to  increase conversion rates with customised messaging .  Make more of your existing traffic and attract new custom with CRO. Find out more about how AdsRunner specialist CRO services maximise profitability online.

Even small improvements in your conversion rates can make for massive revenue gains cumulatively over the course of your campaigns. Implement multi-platform ecommerce tagging for more detailed analysis of your customers’ journeys, improve your customer experience and encourage smoother conversions


Our Google Analytics Consultancy Services

It may seem obvious that you want to keep the cost of people clicking on your paid ad’s as low as possible, but without following through on putting time into monitoring your metrics here, you cannot compare the performance of different marketing campaigns and online services to drive improved performance of your online marketing efforts.  In the excitement of creating a new website, or advertising campaigns, you have to be prepared to put the mental effort and staff resourcing into looking at results and formatting them into meaningful and digestible reports, for Google analytics data to make sense for you and your teams.  Monitoring results systematically and acting on insights gained pays off in the immediate and longer term.  If you don’t have the in-house time or skills, then outsource; this invaluable investment will pay you back many times over in attracting returning customers.  In fact, we believe that it isn’t a case of companies not being able to afford to do this, frankly in the cut-throat online world, businesses simply cannot afford to not invest resources into marketing data management.

All of your marketing campaigns have measurable impacts that Google Analytics help you stay on track with.  Using Google Analytics helps you benchmark existing marketing results and begin to see where improvements are possible, then compare of time and space, continually improving your return on investment. 

Google Analytics offer your business many opportunities to measure whether your success in goal setting and where you aren’t  achieving objectives, to see where repairs to your ‘leaky bucket’ can be made. Google Analytics is a key tool for AdsRunner client, particularly in the realm of Online Advertisement strategies.

By working closely with your teams, we can help your business set clear KPIs at both the macro and micro levels.  Our reports and support empower your staff to gain better visibility of the impact of your investments in terms of their daily duties. Insightful and clear data harnessing and formatting help you make more informed decisions about key touch points in your business.

Easy-to-use analytics dashboards enable you to more easily report to your wider organisation. Ask our data analysts how powerful data can be harnessed for you to leverage into real improvements in measurable profitability.

The future of every business depends upon data-driven analysis, detailed insights and overviews. Our data will help you better understand your customer journeys, to inform your strategic plans and investment in digital marketing. 

AdsRunner offer best-in-class analytics techniques shared by our teams who care about improving your delivery.  From basic setups to advanced, integrated solutions talk to our specialists about making the difference in your profitability, starting today.

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Let us take the heavy lifting, working alongside your teams to empower them to harness the best that digital marketing can offer.