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User Experience (UX)

User Experience Matters 

We have all landed on a website, only to click away without taking any action, because getting to what we wanted just took too much work.  Our user experience of online brands make the difference between being put off forever or becoming a loyal, returning customers and promoter to others.

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Good User Experience For Anyone From Everywhere

When was the last time you landed on a web page, but soon enough, you had to click away, as nothing made sense, or was just too plain messy.  Information scattered all over the place is just plain off-putting.  When information isn’t loading on your mobile device properly, or even worse gives you an error message, it’s frustrating and we all know that there is a website out there that will get you what you are looking for, so why hang around?   If you are patient enough to navigate through all the long winding road of information and clicked through pages, because you’re the tenacious type, but then you couldn’t figure out how to check out and make your purchase, why would you even want to spend your money on a company that doesn’t value your user experience, or want to make buying stuff from them enjoyable for you?  Chances are you move on, fast and you most certainly go back… ever… that is until they rebrand perhaps…

Ok! These might seem like extreme examples, but anyone reading this will unfortunately agree that it sounds too familiar; getting caught up in what’s known as a bad ‘User Experience’ (UX) moment is sadly all too common, even in our internet dominated daily life!

If the expression is unfamiliar to you, it is actually one of the key considerations any website, app or marketing campaign developer should have at the forefront of their design.

The customer is king, so how you respond to online products or services is key to the success of those sites or apps you visit, videos you view, or ads you interact with.  Either users enjoy their browsing time, or are jarred by inadequate analysis and planning for how internet users might interact with products and services. Every provider should be looking to encourage visitors to want to make return visits and even tell friends and family about how they enjoyed buying from you. 


User Experience (UX)

It’s vital to study the different elements of your user experience through your existing data compared to industry performance.  We audit every one of your online assets, analysing data.  We demonstrate why you are missing opportunities and recommend smoother transition options to increase repeat buyers.  

Navigation from your first customer’s encounter with you should be seamless and enjoyable, so your customers trust you enough to buy, come back and share their positive experience with others. The easier your customer’s journey through your sales funnel, the more conversion and profit for you.

Full Integration

It isn’t just about your website not offering a good UX, it’s about full integration and cohesion in your customer’s journey, whatever their preferred route.  We show you what is working and how, so you can continually improve on maximising higher value traffic and faster conversions.

UX Costs More When Ignored

If you’re concerned about costs of UX optimisation, bear in mind that industry market researchers estimate that every $1 invested in UX could bring back $100 in return.  That’s right, putting efforts into pleasing visitors offers you a 9,900 ROI!  Right there is your sustainability.

Specialist, cross-disciplinary expertise ensures your campaigns are coherent and customer-focussed. Outsourcing UX optimisation reduces risk of ‘user error’ in setting up and on-going management of campaigns. With simple projects or sophisticated integration, partnering with a digital marketing partner, demonstrating proven successes, increases likelihood of optimising ROAS. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About User Experience (UX)

If you are still unmoved about how important UX is for your business, here’s some food for thought to bear in mind when thinking about your customer’s experience of your public face online…

Research shows that 88% of users are less likely to return to a poorly structured website after a bad user experience.  Another 85% of adults think that a company’s mobile website should be as good, or even better than their desktop website. That’s hardly surprising when many of us are doing our online research on the move daily from our mobile.  In fact the damage to conversion rates can be really detrimental for your business.  It is estimated that mobile users are 5 times more likely to abandon a task if a website isn’t optimised for mobile.

That initial investment you make in your online presence, before you even look at advertising that sends potential customers to your site is crucial to get right.  If you’re worried about the cost of investment involved for optimising your UX and are considering putting off fixes that can be simple, or are even avoiding starting up a whole new site again from scratch, bear in mind that Forrester Research, who specialise in market research for businesses estimate that every $1 invested in UX could bring back $100 in return.,  You read  that right, putting in the effort of pleasing website visitors offers you a 9,900 ROI!  That, right there, is your sustainability long term.

Our role, then, as a digital marketing agency is to use your advertising budget effectively, to generate traffic and direct interest in your online store. If you entrust your tight profit margins to an outsource marketing company, then you have every right to expect delivery, not only of advertising that pays for itself, but to bring returns that help you expand your campaign reach further and grow your company. 

However, if you do outsource your advertising, but your website is not offering a good UX, then you would simply lose a lot of traffic and waste money, because it doesn’t matter how many clicks through to your site those campaigns achieve, if on reaching you, a visitor clicks away because they are not happy with how you look, read or how difficult it is to get where they want to be quickly..

It’s vital to study the different elements of your user experience and to evaluate your website, to not only make sure that  your business benefits from a desirable design, but also it’s easily usable, findable, accessible on all devices and for all user types and ages, including the less tech-savvy older generation, or visually impaired.

AdsRunner website and app testers run a series of usability and UX checks, to ensure your visitors get the best possible experience from visiting your website.  We analyse crucial elements for your customers, by conducting variety of tests, such as: preference testing, flash testing, first-click and click testing.

We will thoroughly analyse your website’s performance from a user’s perspective, and identify usability issues that could be losing you customers.  We look at how long it would take to perform a task and how easy it is for a user.  A full UX analysis will help to measure the overall experience of the user and how it makes your customers feel.  Remember, even online, it’s all about creating productive relationships and warming your customers to you, versus your competitors and cutting corners is a cost you cannot afford in a competitive online environment…

We run GDRP compliant session recordings on your traffic, to observe users in their daily settings, to gain first-hand qualitative insights on users behaviours across your website’s landing pages.  How users respond demonstrates aspects of customer journeys, allowing further evaluation and offers insights into areas to improve on smoothing that transition from first landing, through to checking out..

More than 54% of the website traffic worldwide is from mobile users. In fact, for some clients and niches, mobile use can be well above 90% of traffic. This means your mobile version of your website must get equal design attention to your desktop version, if not more. Hence, AdsRunner will evaluate your website to make sure it’s mobile-friendly and that your customer journeys are easy, transitional steps are no-brainers and your mobile site is optimised for mobile users grabbing purchases between stops.  

Shockingly, the average mobile page takes an unnecessary 15.3 seconds to load!  Remember attention spans are short and slow load up is a serious problem, considering that 53% of users abandon a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. For every second delay in load time, conversions can fall by up to 20%.  Yes, you read that right… That’s why our team carefully check and evaluate your website’s speed to make sure it falls within optimal limits, so you get a ROI you need.

Another UX issue is incompatibility issues with certain devices, web browsers, or screen resolutions. It’s important to test your website and landing pages against such issues and make sure all users can benefit from a good user experience when moving between different devices, or browser options.  

Website UX Facts

  • Research shows 88%of users are unlikely to return to a poor website.   
  • 85% think company’s mobile website should be as good, or better than their desktop website. 
  • Mobile users are 5 times more likely to abandon a task if your website isn’t optimised for mobile.

Our User Experience (UX) Optimisation Services

When AdsRunner take on new clients, we always carefully study their websites and apps to make sure they offer an acceptable level of User Experience at the least, but if our experience of you makes us wince, we will let you know in a no-nonsense way how we think your online presence is failing you and your customers.

We take the time to fully evaluate the end-to-end user journeys to make sure everything is well optimised for your marketing goals and conversions, because we want you to succeed. If UX is poor for your website or apps, then your ads will fail too.  It’s as simple as that.  Our success is bound up with yours; when your campaigns succeed, so does your business and you will come back to us to help you continue growing.

As your digital marketing agency partner, we guarantee deploying your advertising budget effectively, to maximise traffic and drive conversion rates.  When you entrust your tight profit margins to AdsRunner, you can expect full-funnel improvements that generate returns that expand online campaigns to consistently grow your company. 

Let’s get your campaigns rolling smoothly from a user’s first encounter, right through to that crucial conversion.  Contact us today to undertake your UX analysis to maximise your ROI ….

How Can We Help?

Let us take the heavy lifting, working alongside your teams to empower them to harness the best that digital marketing can offer.