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Whatever your customers’ preferred social media channels, you want to reach them where they are and make it easy to easily make while browsing.   Confusing algorithms, strong competition and audience distractability pose real attention and commitment challenges for your marketing team.

Navigate algorithms, interrupt browser apathy with disruptor experts on-side and discover your power, partnering with AdsRunner.

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Let us take the heavy lifting, working alongside your teams to empower them to harness the best that digital marketing can offer.

Profit From Paid Social Media Marketing

In increasingly highly competitive markets, how do you make customers want a product or service they never knew they even needed? There are a few solutions for this dilemma, but this is particularly so when it comes to the tough realm of Social Media Marketing in E-commerce.

According to recent research, 4.5 Billion people worldwide use social media every day,  spending an average time of 145 minutes; this translates to around 2.5 hours per day screen time. That time your audience spends online means endless and interconnected advertising opportunities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Consider also that the number of such social platforms has increased over the years, reaching more diverse and niche audiences.   According to some statistics from Dataportal, people may use around half a dozen of their favourites on a daily basis. Furthermore, Kepios claim that the number of social media users is increasing by 400 million annually; that is a rate of 10% more people connecting digitally every year. Together, this bigger picture means ever increasing opportunities for e-commerce businesses and online advertising.

Now that people are spending more time working from home, they also have more time to browse online at leisure, released from their daily commute.  It’s fair to say that a global pandemic has been a driver of more people spending time online too.  Indeed in the year to October 2021 alone, a staggering 409 million more NEW users have joined social media. In the time you read that sentence, that could be another 30 new social media foot-soldiers buying what you offer!

What this growing pool of receptive minds also means is that there is a lot of noise going on out there, making it difficult for you to be heard among the clamour of your competition.  It’s important that you get the best possible payback for whatever you invest in social media marketing, be that money or your people putting in ‘sweat equity’.  Whoever manages your social media accounts needs to know what they are doing, or you can throw your money at a campaign, only to fail in getting the returns you need to make future marketing campaigns a viable option.   Make no mistake; marketing is your life blood. Good, measured targeting generates custom and when executed to a high standard, brings in loyal buyers, who will stick with you in the future.  These customers are gold dust.

Facebook offers highly-targeted advertising options to help connect with over 2 billion monthly active users.  We design impactful Facebook Ad campaigns for every stage of your sales cycle, complementing your organic campaigns and ensuring cohesion with your wider marketing funnel.

Instagram ads are a highly visual and creative medium.  Let us grab attention for your business and convert recreational users into loyal buyers now and long-term. Boost Meta family advertising ROI by combining Facebook’s sophisticated ad system with Instagram’s market-leading native placements.

As part of the Alphabet family, YouTube’s reach as the globally dominant video channel is a must for the scale of audience access via video shorts. Smooth transition between video media taps into a receptive and highly targeted market, leveraging Google ad tools.

TikTok offers massive younger audiences, plus a growing socially aware and engaged following.  With creative vision and openness to innovation, businesses are benefitting from JV’s that are attracting new audiences.  Our creative, tech-savvy experts help your business harness TikTok advertising that bring converts and brand ambassadors.


Be seen where aspirational audiences are pinning their wishes, with a view to future purchases.  With  compelling messages and attractive visuals, this platform offers potentially lucrative returns on investment, particularly in certain sectors.  Generate brand awareness, consideration and conversion, including significant upselling.

The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn ads enable connections with users in a context that facilitates excellent business to business investment. Ideal for B2B (and certain B2C) objectives, learn techniques and tools to target decision-makers and industry movers and shakers with unparalleled business-related promotional content and advertising.

ADSRUNNER Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid Social Advertising

Paid social is essential to discover new markets and communicate with your audiences where they like to relax. Virtually all of your potential customers will be using one or more social media platforms.

These powerful routes to market allow you to segment your audience from the micro to macro levels, then target users who want to connect with and buy from you. With unique creatives and smart data leverage, your competitors are already exploiting your niche.

ADSRUNNER Paid Social Media Advertising

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Performance Social Media Marketing

Results, Review, Tweak, Repeat

Our Paid Social team builds your multi-channel approach, diversifying your customer base affordably.  Paid Social means you reach new, receptive users and reduce performance volatility with our market intel.  Scale up with increased ROI into channels complementing your business objectives.

As your business evolves, we monitor how well your campaigns perform against changing priorities and continue making tweaks to optimise your results. Optimisation involves  forever moving targets that we ensure you remain clear about.  We continually shift target audiences with sales cycles and unique market behaviours.

Performance Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Most businesses have a limited advertising budget to build their business and have to compete with tens and hundreds of other brands.   This makes it particularly difficult if you are a start-up or a smaller business. For larger brands, growth and scaling comes with a high cost and keeping the market share gets harder as the competition gets fiercer in the online world.

With so many platforms and so much competition, one might find it very hard to find the right strategy and make too many costly mistakes. This is where we, the digital marketers come in to take the weight off your shoulders and walk the journey with you, pointing out the shortcuts and potential traps.

Paid Social ads are effective when run alone, and work even better when combined with other digital marketing channels. Whether you choose to work with us for all of your digital marketing, or just for one channel, we’ll identify cross-platform opportunities wherever we can. Creating multiple touchpoints across platforms will provide incremental gains. Why not guide customers down the sales funnel – you may choose to run Facebook Ads to build an audience, and then convert that audience with campaigns on Google Ads. 

Social media advertising should generate customer loyalty, move seamlessly to conversion and and lower CPA over time.  Navigating algorithms should not mean loss of ROAS.  AdsRunner’s social media marketing team are experts in their field who work with your teams and relevant colleagues with complementary specialist knowledge to ensure your social media marketing investment generates meaningful returns.

We review your current paid advertising impacts, competitor landscape, audience segmentation opportunities, together with routes forward for improving your customers’ journeys that smooth transitions to conversion.  When you choose AdsRunner as your preferred and trusted social campaign partner, we create your tailored paid social strategy for sustainable improvement.

AdsRunner can help you build your social strategy affordably and quickly. We can help you select the right channels and structure for your campaigns and brand, to better market your products in the most efficient way, so that you can grow your business, save costs and increase profits faster and with lasting results. Let’s get to it!

How Can We Help?

Let us take the heavy lifting, working alongside your teams to empower them to harness the best that digital marketing can offer.