Vital Pinterest Statistics And What They Mean For You In 2022

Vital Pinterest Statistics And What They Mean For You In 2022

To develop your Pinterest Marketing Strategy it’s important to understand the demographics of the social site you are looking at posting ads on.

In 2021, Pinterest reported there were 459m active Pinterest users on this lively, deeply creative and fun platform, one million of those being new fans, browsing through in the space of a year, so like every social media platform we focus on, this platform is seeing significant growth. Checking back today, you may see the figures fluctuate, as a year later, they were quoting figures around 430 million monthly active users.  As they say, however, if the platform was a nation, it would surpass the U.S. in size.

Above is a breakdown provided by Pinterest’s business page on the demographics of their audience.  Similar to TikTok figures, 60% of fans are women, but the guys are catching on too, particularly younger Gen Zers.  If you are looking at Pinterest advertising for the U.S., the illustration above is your go-ahead for a growing audience, particularly for households with higher disposable incomes.  Luxury goods and services make for a delicious indulgence for the aspirational and individualists looking for inspiration. This is when you can show up to help browsers turn ideas into ‘in the bag’ purchases.

As many people are now browsing on the move, during the commute, or while waiting for events to start, it’s hardly surprising to learn that around half of all online traffic is from mobile device users.  In terms of this massive user group, it seems that around 85% of Pinners tend to save pins viewed in app from their smartphone, according to SproutSocial.

Pinterest Digital Scrap-Bookers are Creative Types

Pinterest has been described as the site for traditional scrap-book keepers, because the site allows for users to curate content according to their priorities, ideas and tastes. This is extremely attractive to creative minds, who like to be inspired by fellow artisans.

Often products on Pinterest are one-off creative or tailor-made and customisable, or signpost to deeper learning about the items they are interested in, often via videos on YouTube, on the organisation’s website, or elsewhere. The platform is all about the inspiration arising from visually pleasing material and aspiration to achieve those heights of aesthetics people see here.  For some technical parameters on production of imagery for Pinterest posting, check out Pinterest’s helpful technical guide here.

Pinners Love To Learn

85% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they go to start a new project” 

Those creative curations of the Pinner, tangibly express the individuality of your customer, who is receptive to acquiring something life-enhancing, innovative, alternative and new.   This explains why Pinterest’s business promotion page informs potential advertisers that:

80% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.

How To Market Your Brand on Pinterest With Confidence

“…reach people by demographics, interests, keywords and more. Or, use auto-targeting and we’ll show your ads to the people we think will like them most”, say Pinterest’s business development team.

Being confident of getting results from your marketing investment is essential for survival and sustainable growth. It’s obvious then, that you will want tangible proof, with hard facts and figures in terms of which content is creating revenue returns.  Pinterest gives you the tools you need to analyse outcomes of paid and free content you post, so you can plan based on proof of past performance.

Pinterest Analytics are as sophisticated as the best social marketing platforms out there for advertisers to really continually improve on optimisation and conversions from clicks.  Whether you are looking to build your organic content, or combine with sponsored ads, Pinterest will help you measure the success of your efforts at engagement from  your overall presence.

Account Insights allows advertisers to learn what motivates and drives audience behaviour.  With insights that show how your audiences respond to your content that they can save and share with others.  You will be able to see which posts (‘Pins’) generate the most interest, to build on strategies used that gain popularity among your audience.  By tracking topics your content covers, you can learn how to give more of what your fans and buyers want.

Where To Pin That Sponsored Ad To

Pinterest is, as you might expect, a global space, with about half of 50% of Pinterest users living outside of the U.S., curating favourite content, checking out products and saving to their boards, with intentions of purchasing later, as well as allowing for others with similar interests to be reached.  While much of the content format is highly visual, it’s also about conveying ideas and ideals.  That kind of direct and to the point format can be viewed quickly and easily around the world, whether audiences are literate or not, have disposable income, or not, making it highly accessible for audiences everywhere, particularly in growth markets. To 2021, there had been an average if 533 pins per user; that is a lot of active engagement and this amounting to 240 billion pins in a little over a decade of Pinterest’s presence.

Whom Do Have You in Mind For Generating Pins About You?

Although women do make up over 60% of Pinners, of course men also aspire to better lifestyles, with their numbers up by 50% year on year, so don’t exclude them from inspirational ideas you want to share to generate Pinning of your content and even purchasing of products following the plans that users make while pinning.

Similarly, the younger Gen Z’s are also increasing as active users by 50% each year, according to SearchEngineJournal, with Millennials not far behind, going up 35% every year.  Pinterest report that growth is coming from younger age groups, with those aged under 25 growing twice as fast in the second quarter of 2020, than those aged 25 or older – although this is probably no surprise to marketers who actively seek to engage younger audiences in their ad campaigns, because there are always new generations of consumers coming online to find treats and treasures.

So, this across the board growth throws up some more interesting insights into Pinterest audience demographics.  For instance, among Millennial women, a staggering 80% are on Pinterest in the U.S., with half that proportion of American men in that age bracket.  If you are getting the picture that this is where to market to younger consumers, you are definitely getting warm here.

If you are a Pinner yourself, you will know how popular wedding boards and pins are, as well as content around babies, motherhood and kids.  That content is HUGE here, which is hardly surprising given that 4 out of 5 moms in the U.S. are active on Pinterest. Given that many purchasing decisions in any household are made by women, they will often be using Pinterest to be inspired by others on which new products and ideas are hot and ideal for their particular needs.

Shopper Option Developed For Pinners Intending Purchasing

Shopping is huge on Pinterest, with only generic content browsing and pinning to their own or others’ boards in the past, users previously had to click through to websites to buy.  More recently, Pinterested purchasers now have the option to switch to browsing products on sale by theme via Pinterest’s dedicated shopper’s search option.  This new option for browsers and focus on shopping means that businesses can more easily learn how to build their Pinterest shopper strategy. Also, customers get to acting on their buying decisions faster too, so everyone wins.

It’s worth knowing that half of U.S. Pinterest users are actually intending to buy, following checking out ideas from their favourite boards. The improvements in functionality mean that Pinterest offers an entire search engine solely for users – half of U.S. Pinterest users – to find and shop for products more easily, also benefitting companies interested in Pinterest advertising via their shopping Pins. This has been a boon during lockdowns, as more people shopped from home.  In the early days of the pandemic, Pinterest reported a 50% growth in shopping on their platform. The connection between easily digestible content, inspiration and shopping has been a hit for Pinterest. “… among those surveyed, weekly Pinners are 7x more likely to say that Pinterest had the biggest influence in terms of their eventual purchasing decisions.

Any company looking at a social shopping strategy would do well to enjoy the ease of visual communications here to inspire those 90% of Pinners who are planning purchases somewhere along the line and use Pinterest as their own personalised shopping helper.  64% of users, according to Pinterest research, say here is where people come “…to find a product or service they can trust.

Clearly, their shopping offer strategy is paying dividends for all.  Pinterest is seeing a 35% increase each year in the number of boards being created every month, with a 3x increase in Pin labels of ‘Dream Lifestyle’ even back in 2020. Too much of a good thing is just not a reality for Pinners; this audience is aspirational and intentional in their Pinning, with one quarter of their time spent actively searching for products and shopping, say Sprout Social.


Time To Pin Your Colours To The Board?

For marketing on Pinterest, keep an eye on what is trending and be aware that even if your Pins are seasonal, they will still be picked up year round for forward planning of retailers and shoppers alike.  Companies are recommended to focus on Promoted Pins, which show up not only via the shopping search facility, but amid Pinterest browsers’ general streams too. 

Pinterest SEO keywords for descriptions of items are essential, so that your products show up exactly when they are being sought by your discerning customers. There is room for niche and new brands to emerge here too, as many Etsy and Not On The High Street brands have a strong presence on Pinterest.  The fact that most Pinterest searches do not include brand names, key word choice is important to reach as many of the 431 million people on Pinterest every month and 478 million monthly active users (Pinterest, 2021).

Pinterest offers a free ads consultation option for companies wanting to dip their toe into this huge discerning market. Once you are started with Pinterest tips and hints on how to get creative, your product line can become the treasure trove to explore, curate and consume.

it’s clear that adding Pinterest to your marketing strategy can reach a massive, ready to buy market, including for premium product lines, as much as basics in beauty, health and home improvement. Branded, or unbranded, Pinterest’s business section research demonstrates how companies can do well here when the creative ad is well planned and produced to whet the appetites of what is demonstrably also pleasing a relatively affluent market segment, seeking to make statements.

Sam Nouri
Sam Nouri
Hi! I'm Sam Nouri, the founder of AdsRunner. I've been working as a full-funnel digital marketer for nearly a decade, and have managed millions in ad spend for my clients. My aim is to help businesses scale and hit their growth milestones one at a time using innovative advertising methods and proven digital marketing strategies across all digital channels.
Sam Nouri
Sam Nouri
Hi! I'm Sam Nouri, the founder of AdsRunner. I've been working as a full-funnel digital marketer for nearly a decade, and have managed millions in ad spend for my clients. My aim is to help businesses scale and hit their growth milestones one at a time using innovative advertising methods and proven digital marketing strategies across all digital channels.